[ic] up-query basics and fuel surcharge

Tom tom at readyink.com
Thu Sep 13 19:32:23 EDT 2007

I understand the ups-query tag gets the shipping costs from UPS
directly.  That is correct, right?  I am being told that the UPS fuel
surcharges are not being computed correctly.  Is that true and why would
that be?  This is the line in their shipping.asc file (sorry for line
breakup) which I believe is unmodified.


GNDCOM  UPS Ground Commercial   weight  0       150     f [ups-query
zip="[either][value zip][or][var
SHIP_DEFAULT_ZIP][/either]"mode="GNDCOM" weight="@@TOTAL@@"]
{'PriceDivide' => "1",}

There is another thread about this, but I was not clear if he was using

Louie Martinez  wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone has tackled these additional surcharges with
> interchange. Right now I have been adding (@@TOTAL@@ * .025) in the
> additional shipping calculation to cover the ground surcharge and
> (@@TOTAL@@ * .095) to handle air and international surcharges, but there

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