[ic] Weird form dropdown problem

Davor Ocelic docelic at mail.inet.hr
Wed Sep 26 14:46:32 EDT 2007

Hey folks, here's the situation:

I have an HTML form on a page that contains 4 dropdowns and one of them
is having a problem.

Of those 4 dropdowns, 2 are required. For both of them, I have
NAME=required  in the form profile check.

If you leave either one of the two empty, you get a proper error message and
the page does not let you continue until you fill them in. (So far so good).

However, if you DO fill the dropdowns and move to the next page, and then 
click "Back" in your browser, 2 non-required and 1 required dropdown
retain their value as you'd expect and behave properly. BUT the 
last (4th and required) dropdown resets its value to no value:
There is an [error] field just beside it which prints the
"Not filled in..." error message and the value is visibly empty.

What's even more confusing, even though it told you the field was
empty, you can click the submit button again and the profile check
does not complain about the missing field - it lets is pass.

I've tried replacing =required with =mandatory and it still lets
the form pass after clicking "Back" in the browser and then "Submit"
even if the field is visibly empty.

I'd appreciate your insight.

Here are the relevant parts:

On the top of the page, I have:
[update values]

Profile check defined with [set]:
f2_id=required    <-- this one isn't working

The dropdown code is (Note that the same dropdown code except for 
different name works well just above this):


<td align="right">
[error name=f2_id std_label="Your group:" required=1]

  <select name="f2_id">
    <option value="">Please select your group:</option>
    [tmp sql] ... SQL QUERY... [/tmp]
    [query sql="[scratch sql]" list=1 ]
      <option value="[sql-param id]" [selected f2_id [sql-param id]]>
      	[sql-param name]

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