[ic] Authorize.net & fallback to GPG?

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Tue Apr 1 09:13:57 EST 2008

>Should I just write some ITL to email [value mv_credit_card_info] if I
>don't get a valid response from Authorize.net?  That would be simple

If you want to capture every credit card without any conversation 
with the processor, look in your log_transaction and find the credit 
card section and replace with something like this:

Forcing Offline credit card [value mv_credit_card_type] [value 
         Payment: [value name=mv_payment set="credit_card"]

I believe it will just take the order and email you the encrypted 
credit card details. Review log_transaction in the /etc directory - 
there are several example methods in this file.

>I like the idea of sending the payment info to Authorize.net without
>any type of authorization.  Which charge type accomplishes that?

You set up the authorization methods within the Authorize.net 
interface. You can tell it not to do an address/zip validation, and 
it should only fail if they don't have enough credit, or it is an invalid card.

>If sending the payment info to Authorize.net succeeds and I don't
>email [value mv_credit_card_info], can that payment info be said to
>never be stored on my machine?  I think it would only be in memory

Check your orders directory, and your log files to be sure what is 
being stored temporarily.


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