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Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Tue Apr 29 13:32:06 UTC 2008

Quoting Bill Fiore (william.fiore at gmail.com):
> Hi Steve,
> I downloaded the new UPS tables but I have one problem, all of my  
> weights are in ounces by default. Is there a particular place I can  
> add a formula to convert ounces to Lbs?

Just add the source_oz parameter to your shipping.asc call:

upsg:   UPS Ground
    crit            weight
    at_least        4
    adder           @@TOTAL@@ * ($Variable->{UPS_ADDER_PCT} || .20)
    ups             1
    zone            450
    source_oz       1
    PriceDivide     1
    table           Ground
    ui_ship_type    UPSI
    aggregate       1
    surcharge_table Xarea
    default_geo     45056
    residential     1
    min             0
    max             0
    cost            e No shipping needed!

    min             0
    max             1000
    cost            u

    min             150
    max             9999999
    cost            e Too heavy for UPS

If you were making the call with the tag, you would add source_oz=1
as in:

	[ups weight="[scratch weight]" source_oz=1 ...]

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