[ic] Large file uploads failing

jimbo jimbo at soundimages.co.uk
Wed Aug 13 10:20:20 UTC 2008

Mike Heins wrote:

> What are you doing with the file? If you are parsing it, like putting
> it in a [tmp] or [seti] tag, then it might take some parsing....

Using [value-extended] to write the data to a file. Nothing more.

> We would need to see the application code to go further. Also, how
> much memory do you have?

Here's the code:

[calc]&Log('We've made it!'); return;[/calc]

[tmp bulk_count]10[/tmp]

[if cgi bulk_creation]
<pre>[loop list="0..[calc][scratch bulk_count]-1[/calc]"
Upload: [value-extended name="media_[loop-code]"]
Test isfile: [value-extended name="media_[loop-code]" test=isfile]
[if type=explicit
     compare=|[value-extended name="media_[loop-code]" test=isfile]|]
writing file: [value-extended name="media_[loop-code]" umask=113

Please bear in mind, for the purposes of this exercise, only a single 
file is being uploaded.

As for memory, from dmesg:

real memory  = 1072234496 (1022 MB)
avail memory = 1035632640 (987 MB)

The &Log() call never shows up.

> If we can make it more efficient somehow and get bigger sizes, it
> would be nice I guess. But HTTP upload of 20MB files is not really
> the way I would choose to run my particular railroad.... 8-)

Ok, Mr. Fat Controller, how would you choose to do it? :)

If I can find a way to integrate some other means of uploading files 
while not losing the UI table editor interface, I'm all ears. But the 
problem is, we've sold them on using the IC UI to do all their content 
management tasks. They use the 'New Entry' tab and enter the file meta 
data, choose the file to upload, click 'Ok' and all is well. Or it 
should be. For large-ish files, it all goes pear-shaped.

They've been using a bespoke system (Perl and CGI.pm and LibXML) for 
more than 5 years. They've never had any trouble uploading, regardless 
of file size. All uploading is done over an internal LAN.

(Just in case, the Fat Controller reference is to the well known 
character in The Railway Series of books by Rev. W. V. Awdry that 
includes that most famous engine of engines, Thomas the Tank Engine. 
Please don't be offended.)


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