[ic] usertag passing args by reference (perl newby)

Marco Mescoli m.mescoli at omnib.it
Wed Aug 27 12:16:28 UTC 2008

Good suggestion. Now inside usertag i use HTTP::Date computing with 
seconds (str2time) and returning sprintf string like 'hh:mm' with 
calculation of hours an minutes.


Stefan Hornburg wrote:
> Marco Mescoli wrote:
>>I am working to a usertag to calculate day worktime beetwen more time 
>>marks (manual clock mark, sms mark, web mark). If i cannot find correct 
>>sequence entry-exit i must return the partial time computed and the code 
>>error (no entry, no exit .... ). Passing to the usertag the name of a 
>>scratch var to get the error is a simple good way to handle the problem. 
>>Sorry and thanks for the other suggestion that going (slow ;-) me to 
>>perl computing often more simple than i think.
> Did you take a look at the modules provided by datetime.perl.org? I based
> some custom code for calendaring and dispatch calculation on them, with
> [datetime] and [crontime] usertags. These allow me to pass DateTime objects
> and relatives between usertags and Perl code back and forth.
> Regards
>          Racke

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