[ic] Batch setting variables - DirConfig - VariableDatabase

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Tue Dec 23 23:53:11 UTC 2008

Quoting Marty Tennison (marty at dripdepot.com):
> is there a way to read an entire directory of files that contain
> Variable definitions?
> I tried this
> DirConfig  VariableDatabase templates/regions/*
> Of course, it didn't work. 
> What I am trying to do is break up the variable.txt file into smaller,
> more manageable files and then read them into the catalog without having
> to specify each one to load.  So for instance, I'm pulling out all the
> google related variables into a file called google.txt, all
> Authorize.net variables into authorize.txt, etc...  Then, I'd like to
> store all those files in a single directory (or directory structure) and
> be able to have interchange read the current contents of that directory
> and parse all files located there.
> I've searched the docs and I cannot find anything on this, but I thought
> I would write here just in case I missed something.

Nope. You can put each variable in a file named after the variable, of
course. And you can individually list the google.txt files in catalog.cfg.
But not a whole directory of them.

You could have a bunch of files that had:

  Variable FOO bar
  Variable BAR foo

in them, and then do 

	Include  directory/*.txt

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