[ic] virtual store

JT Justman jt at endpoint.com
Mon Dec 29 17:23:26 UTC 2008

HR wrote:
> Hi,
> If I want to create the following :
> - Sub online store (means within the online store itself, I created
> many small online store which has its own admin. 10 small store with
> 10 admins).
> - The admin only can manage and access its store.
> How to achieve this requirement ?

Hi, Harry!

Interchange supports multiple catalogs (stores) running side by side,
each having its own administrative user configuration. It sounds to me
like part of what you are asking is for is for some elements of the
store to be shared between 'sub-stores'? Depending exactly which
elements you wish to share this could be simple or as complicated as you
like. Using the tools of Interchange, Perl, and PostgreSQL or MySQL,
nearly anything is possible, limited only by your own abilities, time
constraints, and budget.

If you'd like to elaborate a bit I'd be happy to give you more specific

Good luck!


jt at endpoint.com

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