[ic] Generating .html files

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Sat Feb 2 18:08:25 EST 2008

On 02/02/2008 06:56 AM, Grant wrote:
> I currently print order receipts by accessing
> example.com/admin/receipt.html?mv_arg=1234 and printing through the
> browser, but I'm trying to set up an automated system that will print
> order receipts via Net::Printer.  I think I will need static .html
> files for that.  How would you guys create a static .html file from an
> IC page?

There are a few different ways, you can turn any ITL code into HTML 
simply by interpolating it, for example:

[seti bar]<a href="[area foo]">link to foo</a>[/seti]

Will store the HTML link to the foo page in bar...

[seti bar][include pages/foo.html][/seti]

will store the full HTML for the foo Interchange page in the bar scratch 
(foo.html must be in your catalog's pages directory)...

[my-printing-tag interpolate=1][include pages/foo.html][/my-printing-tag]

will call your specialized printing container tag with the contents of 
the foo IC page interpolated to html in the body of the tag.  Your 
printing tag can then do whatever it wats with the body (like print it 
for example).


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