[ic] Email receipts in express checkout

Oleg Raskin olegraskin at inbox.com
Sat Feb 2 20:22:29 EST 2008

Greetings, interchangers.

I've come across a problem that I just can't find a way to fix, even after searching the archives. I'm pretty sure it's something simple though.

Basically, I have two checkout pages: one for logged in users and one for "express checkout". The latter causes a new account to get created in log_transaction. Everything works except for autocreated users, the receipt never gets e-mailed. I've looked at the data from [dump] after placing an order in each mode and everything is identical as far as profiles, routes, and so forth. The only difference is there is no e-mail receipt going out for the express checkout. It does get displayed in the browser though.

Generally speaking, has anyone been able to get the express checkout from the standard catalog to work? If so, what's your secret for the email receipts?

Many thanks in advance.

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