[ic] Need a fix for major tax problem

David Etheredge David-Etheredge at worldnet.att.net
Wed Feb 6 11:35:14 EST 2008

>- Quoting David Etheredge (David-Etheredge at worldnet.att.net):
> I have a problem with interchange that is unique to my state.
> Since I am in Alabama and Alabama shows up first in the state list in the
> US, interchchange automatically charges the applied state tax for all
> customers until they change the state. If they forget to change the state,
> they get charged tax. If a customer is from another country and changes 
> the
> country, the state stays AL and they still get charged tax. Many countries
> do not have a state or province so they ignore changing the state. Then
> they get pixxed and cancel their order because they do not want to pay the
> tax. Customers in Alberta Canada get charged Alabama US tax!
> How can I force the tax to be $0.00 when the country is not US?

>- AL [if value country eq US].06[/if]

> How can I select a different default state?

>- Sounds like you are using an old catalog model -- using the newer
>- state_select widget solves that.


Thanks Mike,

I am stuck using 4.9.3 for the time being.

I will try it out. 

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