[ic] handling charges

Matthew Dell mdell at inthesuntech.com
Wed Feb 6 14:03:26 EST 2008

I have been trying to set a handling charge depending on how many items are
in the cart.  But when I set 

[item-quantity > 4]
[assign handling="20.00"]
[tmp my_handling]5[/tmp]
$Scratch->{"total_handling"} = $Scratch->{"my_handling"} * $Items ;
[assign handling="[scratch total_handling]"]

It doesn't work and I cannot figure out why.  I did set [assign
handling="20.00"] without the other stuff, but that would not add into the
order total.

There are really two issues, getting the handling charge to calculate and
adding the handling charge to the order total.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


M Dell
Orlando, FL
mdell at inthesuntech.com

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