[ic] mv_order_route

Matthew Dell mdell at inthesuntech.com
Wed Feb 6 14:09:12 EST 2008

Hi all

Yes, two posts in one day - my hands are full.

I am trying to generate an email to the warehouse without all the pricing,
taxes, etc.  I have put in my catalog.cfg file the following:

Route Extractor  <<EOF
        email         webmaster at blah.....com
        empty        1
        error_ok     1
        encrypt      0
        increment    0
        report       etc/mail_receipt
        supplant     0
        track        logs/log

I hard-coded in the finalize.html page for the checkout process:
<input type=hidden name=mv_order_route value="Extractor">

But the process does not generate the report to the email address.  I am
using the mail_receipt as a test and will call it something else once I can
get the functions working to send the email out.  

Any suggestions are appreciated.


M Dell
Orlando, FL 
mdell at inthesuntech.com

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