[ic] Parse_page error in Interchange 5.5.2

Kay Hilsberg khilsberg at hunterhilsberg.com
Mon Jan 21 14:24:40 EST 2008

Not sure is this helps.  The parse error only shows up when you change
either the template or a component.  If you change options within a
component or the contant of the page, or the page controls it works fine.
The green text at the top occurs that a change has taken place and when
hitting the publish button it is correctly written to the page.


>> I know this issue has been discussed before, however the lastest version of
>> Interchange 5.5 still seems to produce the page parse error when either
>> creating a new page or editing or creating an new template.  Also the nice
>> graphic interphase where the user can see and select the slot where to
>> change the component for that slot.  Unfortunately I do not understand Racke
>> comment about the context diffs.
>> I even used a clean install and then did the bin/makecat that the error
>> still comes up.  Should be easyly duplicatable in the demo
> Go right ahead, duplicate it at <http://demo.icdevgroup.org/i/demo1/>
> (demo/demo for the admin) then let us know what steps to reproduce it.
> Peter

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