[ic] moving catalog from user-installed IC to server-wide install

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Fri Jan 25 13:12:51 EST 2008

I have a catalog running from an IC 5.4.2 installation that lives in 

On the same server I have a separate installation that's running other 
catalogs, and it lives in /usr/local/interchage. Although everything 
runs fine, it seems silly to have these two separate instances of IC 
both running. I'd like to have all catalogs run from the 
/usr/local/interchange installation.

Would moving the catalog from the user's IC to the server-wide IC be as 
simple as copying that catalog's line from

/home/user/interchange/interchange.cfg to 
/usr/local/interchange/interchange.cfg ??

Somehow that seems too simple. Any wisdom would be welcomed.


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