[ic] User problems with forums and quick question about paypal

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Sat Jan 26 22:56:52 EST 2008

On 01/26/2008 07:05 PM, kim Gross wrote:
> I am running interchange 5.4.2 running on Debian with the standard store 
> installed with my products in it.
> I have a problem with jerks putting comments in the products that are 
> links to porn sites.  Is it possible to setup the system to only allow 
> comments from logged in users and not anonymous?  I am hoping that will 
> prevent my problems.

Yes, put the following above the [tmp page_title] line of 
pages/forum/reply.html and pages/forum/submit.html:
[tmp members_only]1[/tmp]

Alternatively you can look into using captchas, I use a combination of 
both so that logged in members don't have to fill in a captcha but 
everyone else does.  Note you will need to download and install the 
captcha tag from:

...and make sure to install the Authen::Captcha perl module as well. 
The tag is documented internally and you can read the docs by typing:
perldoc captcha.coretag

> I want to integrate paypal payments, does anybody know if the paypal 
> gateway can be installed in the standard store easily?

IC certainly will integrate with paypal but I haven't done it myself. 
There are others on this ml who can help you with that more than I can.


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