[ic] Loop Search Question

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Thu Jul 17 00:12:34 UTC 2008

On Wed, 16 Jul 2008, William Fiore wrote:

> I have the following component that displays the latest 3 items added to 
> the store. I want to limit the results to products that do not have an 
> image name of "default.gif" (products with a image named default.gif are 
> usually so new that they are missing not only images, but descriptions 
> and pricing as well).
> [loop search="fi=products/st=db/co=1/sf=date_added/op=le/nu=0/ml=3/tf=date_added/to=r"]
> <p><a href="[area [loop-code]]">[loop-field title]</a> - <br><span
> class="content_left_top_bold">[loop-code] ([convert-date
> format="%m-%d-%Y"][loop-field date_added][/convert-date])</span></p>
> [/loop]

Hi, Bill.

I find that this is where SQL shines and Interchange's built-in search is 
a burden. I'd rewrite it as SQL so it's easier to add whatever clauses you 
want. Something like this should work:

         SELECT code, title, date_added
         FROM products
         WHERE image <> 'default.gif'
         ORDER BY date_added DESC
         LIMIT 3
     <p><a href="[area [loop-code]]">[loop-field title]</a> etc. etc.


Jon Jensen
End Point Corporation

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