[ic] Problem with option and migration from old catalog (4.6.x) to 5.6.0

Alessandro Poletto pollok at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 07:48:02 UTC 2008

I've taken an old catalog developed on interchange 4.6.x (I am not
sure because I've only a backup of datas).

After some simple adjustment all works perfectly but a problem appear
when in the administration I go to modify an option, the interface
propose me to change the type of the option as "matrix option multiple
widgets" (that is correct), when I confirm it rollback to the same

I've thinked that in 4.6 the product/option structure was based on two tables:
products and options
In the earlier release the structure of database is changed with three tables:
products variant option

obviously the structure of the backup have only two tables...

what the best way to return to use the options?
I have to insert the vaiant table and make a script to convert datas?
In this case I've to rewrite a lot of software because the previous
developer have wrote a lot of custo code about option!

Is possibile to use the old option database structure with 5.6?

Many thanks to all

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