[ic] daily special offer rotation

Marko Kuzio marko.kuzio at kochan.de
Tue Mar 25 08:34:11 EST 2008


my goal is an daily special offer rotation. i have an external table 
(offer_rotation) with follow shema:

sku, display_date, price

if call the customer the flypage, i look to the table offer_rotation if
an entry for sku and display date exists (lookup with [query sql]),
im displaying an special offer image and the new price.

now, i have the follow problems:

on the flypage i can displaying the new price, but in the basket and 
checkout pages are only the real old price from the main product db 
available. i search a process which can change the price (from 
offer_rotation) in the card, basket and checkout pages.

How can in manipulate the prices, with the external db process 

any idea's ????????

thx and greats, mak

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