[ic] use NET::SMTP::TLS

scott@tildaworks.com scott.andreas at gmail.com
Fri May 16 17:33:51 UTC 2008

Hello group

I have a question, has anyone used Net::Send::SMTP::TLS before.

I want to use Gmails email service for sending mail. (Its great!!)

Google Apps allows me to host my domains email with them.
So I would like to send all mail throUgh their sevice.


use Email::Send;

    my $mailer = Email::Send->new( {
        mailer => 'SMTP::TLS',
        mailer_args => [
            Host => 'smtp.gmail.com',
            Port => 587,
            User => 'username at gmail.com',
            Password => 'password',
            Hello => 'fayland.org',
    } );

    use Email::Simple::Creator; # or other Email::
    my $email = Email::Simple->create(
        header => [
            From    => 'username at gmail.com',
            To      => 'to at mail.com',
            Subject => 'Subject title',
        body => 'Content.',

    eval { $mailer->send($email) };

 "Error sending email: $@" if $@;

Has anyone does this. If so could you give example

I've tried to setup postfix for relaying. IC I think has a problem
with postfix and relaying
So I thought I would just go around the problem and use perl to send to gmail

Thanks you

Scott Andreas

scott.andreas at gmail.com

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