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> > Bill Carr writes:
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> >> Does each order route have to complete before the client sees the
> >> receipt page? I am adding a route that posts the order information
> to
> >> an external POS system via a web gateway. Posting the order is slow
> >> and I do not want to annoy the consumer. I would like to post the
> >> orders to the third party system "as they happen" but I don't want
> to
> >> slow down the checkout process from the end user's perspective.
> >>
> >> Using the IC order Route system seems like a neat and clean way to
> >> handle this. I could always just put the code on the receipt page.
> >> I'm
> >> don't know about the order, as in sequence, of operations at place
> >> order time.
> >>
> >> Any thoughts?
> >
> > Do you need a response from the external POS system to be returned
> > to the
> > customer?
> No, but I would like the result recorded in IC's transaction log file.
> > If not then you could perhaps make an asynchronous setup where you
> > collect the data that needs to go to the external POS system and run
> > that
> > periodically separate from the order process?
> True, but t would not satisfy my "as the orders happen" condition.

Currently in the standard store there are 3 routes fired off from the
Log  main  copy_user

log does whatever happens in etc/log_transaction and basically can fail your
main follows after that taking care of providing order e-mails
copy_user finally will send the mail to the user

Perhaps you can add an additional route 'pos'  which you could implement to
work as a background process ( error_ok  set to 1 because you do not care if
it fails, at least not towards the visitor of the site ) ... 

The only thing about the whole approach I am wondering about is if your POS
system is down while an order happens. How do you envision to catch this?



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