[ic] State issue & Paypal

ic at 3edge.com ic at 3edge.com
Fri May 23 20:03:07 UTC 2008

Steve Graham writes: 

> Hello, 
> Trying to handle a special situation with a Paypal address -   Paypal 
> has the Canadian customer ship to address- state listed as 
> Saskatchewan, as noted below, instead of using the SK abbreviation.
> We do not allow them to change the shipto address listed with Paypal, 
> and IC is throwing the following error - any suggestions for a 
> workaround other than allowing them to edit their address? 
> There were errors in your last submission:
> (state): 'Saskatchewan' not a two-letter province code
> Please correct the areas listed above which are highlighted in this 
> color in the form.

1) create a filter for the state field and have it always substitute
Saskatchewan to SK (and perhaps find all other mappings for states) 


2) change the working of your store to allow more characters as state field
(also check your DB in case your state field there is also 2 chars, then 
that needs to be extended as well) ... 



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