[ic] Problems since upgrade to 5.6.0 on Vista

Andrew Rich andrew at itdownunder.com.au
Tue May 27 12:43:01 UTC 2008

Hi All

One of our in-house laptops worked fine with IC before we upgraded 
yesterday.  But it may be more of a SSL or Webserver problem then IC.

Now we are getting pages not displayed correctly in both front end and 
admin sites.  Some of the problems are menus.  The menu options are 
displayed but with little or none page formatting. i.e. colour bars, 
icons. but refresh the screen and it may look as it should.

Other times we get the "Internet Explorer cannot display the website" 

All appear to be secure pages.

IE on Vista laptop is 7.0.6001.18000 with 256 Cipher

Other PC running XP with IE 7.0.5730.13 with 128 Cipher is working fine.

Our orders are reduced today which possibly indicates that customers may 
have similar problems.

Now envirnonment:
RH 7.3
IC 5.6.0 was 5.4.2
mySQL 3.28.56
Perl 5.10.0 was 5.6.1
Apache 1.3.41 was 1.3.28 (i think)
OpenSSL now 0.9.8g
Mod_SSL now 2.8.31
 plus all from KithenSink are up-to-date.

(andrew at mapsdownunder.com.au)

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