[ic] utf-8 problem

David Christensen david at endpoint.com
Mon Nov 10 17:08:02 UTC 2008

Hi Alessandro,

> I've a problem with utf-8 charset.
> The error starts from the administration in which I have the customers
> datas, some days ago a french man have signed and the address have
> some accent chars (è and é).
> So if I go into the admin and I change something the result will seems
> ok ad the customer_all.html but if I go into the "shipping address"
> and I try to change the data all the accent has been replaced from
> strange chars.
> I've tested that into the db the datas is bad encoded, but
> customer_all.html show me perfectly.

If the data is stored incorrectly in the database, additional change  
to the configuration will not be able to fix the existing data.   
However, it should help with future changes.  Since you made your  
configuration changes, have you tested to see if the problem with the  
encodings persists with new entries?  Also, you should ensure that the  
database configured to use Unicode as its storage mechanism.

> I've made some modification to catalog.cfg trying to fix the problem:
> Variable MV_CHARSET utf-8
> Variable MV_UTF8        1
> I've inserted
> DatabaseDefault MYSQL_ENABLE_UTF8
> into dbconf/mysql/mysql.cfg
> and finally I've inserted
>    AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
> into the apache virtual host definition

These look like reasonable changes; I assume you're running 5.6 or  
higher of Interchange, correct?

> Now I've nothing more to do and I haven't any other ideas... Its seems
> that the browser send datas, the cgi take it and convert showing
> correctly but into the normal text filed into the amministration
> something works differently! Another info is that i've put the
> collection on mysql db, table and field in utf8_unicode_ci.
> Many thanks to everyone can help me, is really important for me.

If you can verify that new entries will work as expected, we can see  
about making the necessary corrections to the already-submitted data  
to get them in proper UTF-8.


David Christensen
End Point Corporation
david at endpoint.com

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