[ic] 5.6.0 upsell cross component cache problem (w/Demo, too.)

L C iluvsnm2 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 17 13:12:57 UTC 2008

Hi All,

I have tried using the upsell and cross components on the FLYPAGE however when I bring
up an item, the upsell or cross components are showing from the last
item viewed.  It is not until I hit "refresh" that the current item's
upsell or cross items appear.  This is also occurring on the Interchange DEMO.

....example --assuming UPSELL is a component added to the Demo Flypage (it's usually been removed so needs to be re-added/published)...

os28005 has upsell item os28006. 

os28057a has upsell items os28007 and os28008

os28064 has no upsell items.

If you search for os28005 and then go to the flypage, no upsell item is shown until Refresh/Reload page is done.

Now, if you go to os28057, the upsell item is os28006  --NOT os28007, os28008.  Those will appear after a Refresh/Reload page is done.  (the same will happen with os28064 [which has no upsell items] shows os28007 and os28008 until a page refresh is done.

If anyone has a clue as to how to fix this cache problem it would greatly be appreciated!  



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