[ic] build pages

Paul Jordan jordan at gishnetwork.com
Sun Sep 28 21:18:20 UTC 2008

> Hello
> I have been slowing working on a clients website with IC and I am
> building it from scratch. The thing I am try to see
> if you can do with IC is have pages for categorizes and subcategories
> built dynamically. So when you add a new category
> and product group those pages will be built with out me having to build
> each one by hand. If you have any Ideas of what I am
> talking about please post ideas

It surely is possible Darnell, and there are a mess of ways to go about it. 

I presume there must be some sort of link for users to get to these
categories, so one way that is the most basic (can be done with ITL), would
be to make those links for the categories go to a category page with an
argument, [area href="categories" form=|cat=tools|], then on that page read
in the [cgi cat] and perform whatever queries you want in order to build
that category page, i.e., items within that cat that are new, or popular for

The thing that makes it "automatic" would be in your building of the links
to these categories. You'd want the links to be built via a query, so it
picks up any new categories. Sub categories work the same way. 

It all comes down to building the right link for your particular navigation,
after that, it'll just be like making another (principals of) flypage.

This is a quick ghetto version mind you. You can also get fancy with an
action map to do the same thing (basically), but keeps a tidier URL, like
flypage does.


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