[ic] Notes for community IRC meeting on August 25, 2009

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Wed Aug 26 12:56:26 UTC 2009

A full log of this meeting is available at

The meeting started out with introductions.  Present at the meeting were:
Stephan Hornburg <racke1>: Interchange Team Captain, www.linuxia.de
Jure Kodzoman <yure>: Interchange Core Developer, www.tenalt.com
Mat Jones <matjones>: www.bibliopolis.com
Peter Ajamian <pj>: Interchange Core Developer, Independent Consultant
Jon Jensen <jon_jensen>: Interchange Release Manager, www.endpoint.com
Gert van der Spoel <thunder>: Interchange Core Developer, www.3edge.com
Marco Mescoli <marco>
Brian Miller <brian_endpoint>: www.endpoint.com
Greg Hanson <perusiongreg>: Interchange Core Developer, www.perusion.com
Carl Bailey <carlbailey>: www.endpoint.com
Kiel Christofferson <ezekiel>: www.endpoint.com
Steve Graham <SteveG>: Independent Consultant
Adam Vollrath <adam_vollrath>: www.endpoint.com
Ethan Rowe <ethan_rowe>: Interchange Core Developer, www.endpoint.com
Greg Sabino Mullane <G_SabinoMullane>: www.endpoint.com
Mike Heins <mheins>: Interchange Founder, www.perusion.com

The meeting then proceeded through the agenda points.  First on the
agenda was "Progress update since last meeting".  It was agreed that
beyond a few bugfixes and some UTF8 progress by Stephan there wasn't
much done since the last meeting.  It was proposed that we can begin
work on Mongoose by forking Interchange.  Later on in the meeting Mike
pointed out that he has already forked Interchange and began the process
of removing much of the bloat.

The next agenda point was "Promotional efforts regarding Interchange".
It was agreed that there hasn't been much in regards to promotional
efforts for Interchange lately.  Some of the suggestions made include
weekly news releases on IcDevGroup.org, more discussion on the -users
mailing list, releasing the "live vm" version of interchange that Rene
put together, packaging wellwell as an alpha release, more discussion
and availability on IRC, listing more of the companies that run, host
and support Interchange on the web site, countering bad publicity of
Interchange and Perl with positive publicity by posting more
testamonials, blog posts, articles, etc. and more frequent commits and

Later in the meeting we had a look at Jure's new website design based on
wellwell.  It was generally agreed that we like the new design and
should proceed with it.  Jure (who at that point had left the meeting)
will need to be contacted to see how progress is going with that.
Stephan agreed to take responsibility for that along with Jure as long
as someone else will pick up the UTF8 work.  No one was found who could
take on the UTF8 issues at the moment so that discussion was dropped.

It was suggested and agreed that we need to do a new release (5.8) right
away.  Jon agreed to get a release candidate ready by the next meeting.

There was discussion about which perl version was the best to recommend.
 Mike pointed out that 5.10.x is still considered a testing release and
is not really stable.  It was generally agreed that the best version of
Perl to run Interchange under is 5.8.9 but there was some dissension in
whether we should recommend that release based on the fact that the
latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux still only comes with 5.8.8.  It was
thought, however, that Interchange will have too many issues running on
the stock threaded 5.8.8 perl that comes with RHEL and Centos 5.  Peter
agreed to do some testing with a Centos 5 stock perl to see how bad the
issues really are.

The next item on the agenda was "Wiki for website".  Various options
were discussed and it was agreed that we will re-enable the existing
MoinMoin wiki that we have used in the past.  Peter will see about
bringing this up to scratch, and importing documentation from both RTFM
and the XML docs plus wikify his new Centos 5 Interchange install guide.

The meeting was adjourned and we agreed to meet again at the same time
next week.

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