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Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Thu Dec 10 18:43:55 UTC 2009

Quoting Rick Bragg (lists at gmnet.net):
> Has anybody integrated IC with an SMS provider?
> I would like to use a service that allows IC to send and receive text
> messages.  I found one company that offers this here: 
> http://www.upsidewireless.com/wis.htm
> They seem to have an api interface to SMS.  However, they don't have a
> perl API.  I found a sample php API here:
> http://docs.upsidewireless.com/index.php?title=PHP_Sending_SMS
> I would need to translate that into perl, but I'm having a bit of
> trouble with the array inside of the functions (subs).
> Anyway, has anybody done anything like this before?  Any suggestions of
> other companies besides upsidewireless that do this?  

It's always a good idea to check at CPAN. I looked and found (among many):

Module    SMS::Send              (ADAMK/SMS-Send-0.05.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::AQL         (BIGPRESH/SMS-Send-AQL-0.03.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::AT::SmsAt   (NINE/SMS-Send-AT-SmsAt-v0.0.4.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::AU::MyVodafone (ADAMK/SMS-Send-AU-MyVodafone-1.04.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::AU::Test    (ADAMK/SMS-Send-0.05.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::Clickatell  (NOBULL/SMS-Send-Clickatell-0.02.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::DE::MeinBMW (BORISZ/SMS-Send-DE-MeinBMW-0.06.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::DeviceGsm   (BINGOS/SMS-Send-DeviceGsm-1.06.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::DistributeSMS (DSOBON/SMS-Send-DistributeSMS-0.01.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::Driver      (ADAMK/SMS-Send-0.05.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::IS::Vit     (AVAR/SMS-Send-IS-Vit-0.03.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::IS::Vodafone (AVAR/SMS-Send-IS-Vodafone-0.03.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::NL::Mollie  (BLOM/SMS-Send-NL-Mollie-0.01.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::NL::MyVodafone (BLOM/SMS-Send-NL-MyVodafone-0.04.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::TW::Emome   (N/A)
Module    SMS::Send::TW::HiAir   (SNOWFLY/SMS-Send-TW-HiAir-0.01.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::TW::PChome  (SNOWFLY/SMS-Send-TW-PChome-0.03.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::TW::ShareSMS (SNOWFLY/SMS-Send-TW-ShareSMS-0.02.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::TW::emome   (SNOWFLY/SMS-Send-TW-emome-0.03.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::Test        (ADAMK/SMS-Send-0.05.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::UK::Kapow   (JJONES/SMS-Send-UK-Kapow-0.06.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::US::Ipipi   (AMOORE/SMS-Send-US-Ipipi-0.03.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::US::SprintPCS (JJORE/SMS-Send-US-SprintPCS-0.03.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::US::TMobile (DMUEY/SMS-Send-US-TMobile-v0.0.3.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::US::Verizon (KLOHNER/SMS-Send-US-Verizon-v0.0.1.tar.gz)
Module    SMS::Send::Wadja       (DANDV/SMS-Send-Wadja-0.03.zip)

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