[ic] [ice] Getting ride of credit card box at checkout

Sam Batschelet sam at westbranchresort.com
Mon Feb 9 16:37:06 UTC 2009

> OK, that did not work either.
> I took out the credit card section in
> include/checkout/new_browser_payment, all the way to the PO section. This
> seems to fix the problem on first glance. I will probably need to remove
> it from include/checkout/old_browser_payment as well as it is mentioned in
> the checkout.html. It just don't seem right that you should have to remove
> code to make this happen. I will test some more to see if I broke
> anything. If anyone have a better solution, I will be glad to try it.
Did you try what I said before?  If you set the variable to 0 it will work
no need to cut out all of that code.


Look for a line that says
CREDIT_CARDS_ACCEPTED   visa mc  amex   Payment
Change it to

Restart IC


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