[ic] Search Problem

kerry kerry at basicq.com
Sat Jan 10 09:41:21 UTC 2009

>> OK, I thought I had solved the search problem, but on adding more sku's
>> to
>> the products.txt file and uploading, I am back to the same problem. I am
>> using 5.6.1 with the standard cart.
>> The problem seems to be in the text file I upload and it's conversion to
>> mysql database. I am using Open Office spreadsheet for viewing, making
>> changes, etc. It allows me to save in the Tab delimited format needed. I
>> can see all the items in the sql database and in the products.txt file
>> after uploading. I can only see about 1/2 the items in the file on an
>> open
>> end search. I have found a way to make the new items show up in the
>> search, but it seems like a very slow process. I have close to 4000
>> items
>> in the database. If I edit each entry from the products.txt table,
>> without
>> really making any changes to the data, the item shows up when searched
>> for. It seems like the process is forcing  re-read that puts the data in
>> a
>> happy mode for the database. What I am wondering is if there is another
>> method to accomplish what I am doing with the edit command?
>> Thanks,
>> Kerry
> Maybe try exporting the products table?
> DB

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