[ic] Upgrade procedure

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 16:29:42 UTC 2009

>> I'd like to perform a safe upgrade from a 5.5 nightly to 5.6.  Should
>> this be sufficient:
>> # tar -cvzf ic.tar.gz /usr/local/ic
>> # su - interchange
>> $ cd /new/ic/source
>> $ ./configure
>> $ exit
>> # cd /new/ic/source
>> # make install
> No, my usual upgrade procedure is this:
> As unprivileged user:
> ~$ tar.cvzf ic.tar.gz # use the proper name of the tarball here
> ~$ cd interchange # use the correct name of the directory that the
> tarball created here
> ~/interchange$ /path/to/your/perl Makefile.PL # and answer prompt about
> where to put interchange
> ~/interchange$ make
> ~/interchange$ make test
> ~/interchange$ su
> At this point make a backup of your current interchange install.
> ~/interchange# make install
> At this point you need to read the UPGRADE file (actually you should
> have already read it) and make any tweaks or adjustments listed in there
> for your particular version upgrade.
> Also at this point you should compile a new vlink or tlink or whatever
> you use.  See the compile_link program in the ic/bin directory for more
> info, "./compile_link --help" gives you the arguments to use.
> Cross fingers and restart interchange.
> Check the error logs to make sure that startup is clean.
> Check your sites to make sure they all still work as expected.
> Note that if you've made any custom tweaks to the interchange core then
> the onus is on you to make sure they are still there and re-tweak if
> necessary.
> Peter

Thanks a lot, that worked perfectly.  Here are some peculiarities:

1. I get this when restarting IC:

Database variable scalar parameter VARIABLE.TXT redefined to "TAB", was "TAB".

2. I get this when restarting IC:

Warning while compiling UserTag 'ups_query':
"my" variable $result masks earlier declaration in same scope at
/usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/Business/UPS.pm line 97, <SYSTAG>
line 154.

3. I use Interchange::Link and I had to add "SocketPerms 0666" to
interchange.cfg.  I get the following warning in the global error.log:

ALERT: /usr/local/interchange/etc/socket socket permissions are
insecure; are you sure you want permissions 666?

- Grant

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