[ic] Upgrade procedure

Mark Lipscombe markl at gasupnow.com
Sun Jun 14 22:42:51 UTC 2009

Peter wrote:
> On 06/14/2009 01:32 PM, Grant wrote:
>> Do I need to stick with 666 permissions since I'm using
>> Interchange::Link instead of vlink?
> I missed that you're using Interchange::Link.  I don't use that or know
> much about it so someone else will have to answer your question.

If you use Interchange::Link, the socket needs to be able to be 
read/write by the same user that Apache runs as.

In addition to all the other great upgrade advice that has come out of 
this thread, remember to back up your existing interchange directory, 
and database.  It almost goes without saying, but not quite.


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