[ic] more-list and interpolation

Wadkins, Raymond rwadkins at mcfina.com
Mon Aug 16 18:26:06 UTC 2010

  I had a requirement to conditionally control the inclusion of 
decade-next and decade-prev tags in a more-list.  So, I blithely wrapped 
them in an if block, then was surprised when the negative condition 
wasn't working.  Turns out that the contents of more-list aren't 
interpolated before being processed, so the regular expression in 
tag_more_list was matching my tags desipite their being included in an 
if block.

I hacked a few extra lines into Vend::Interpolate (below), but I'm 
wondering if there's something I've missed that could do this without 
the hack?

      if($r =~ s:\[interpolate\]::i) {

          $r = Vend::Interpolate::interpolate_html($r);


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