[ic] Problems: long winded explanation, and request for help.

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Thu Dec 2 00:22:19 UTC 2010

> On 12/1/2010 3:30 PM, DB wrote:
>>> No, no mod_rewrite going on. I think IC does some
>>> redirecting/redirection as part of the deal, but I'm not 100% sure what
>>> that is, or where to find it.   This site processes hundreds of orders
>>> per day without issue, so whatever it is, it works right 90%+ of the
>>> time. 
>> Given the "hanging" behavior followed by that browser error message, I
>> think it's certain you have a looping issue somewhere. If not in Apache,
>> then maybe a DNS forwarding issue - or maybe something misconfigured in
>> IC itself such as your secure URLs. Tracking it down may take some time.
>> I've seen identical behavior. In my case, I had my DNS service
>> forwarding domain.com to www.domain.com, but I had a direct link to a
>> "http://domain.com/..." url on one of my IC pages which lived on
>> www.domain.com. I got long hangs followed by that browser error.
>> Look for some type of pattern in the situations where the issue occurs.
> But in those situations, did it display the behavior 100% of the time? 
> Or just in very rare instances (and were those instances repeatable)?  
> My IC setup works correctly to the tune of thousands of orders per week,
> processed without incident, so much so, that I have been totally unable
> to reproduce these errors myself, despite days and weeks of effort to do so.
> After reviewing the various relevant configs, I am confident that it's
> not redirecting anywhere in Apache, and it's not redirecting anything
> via DNS.   The only redirection I'm aware of that happens here, is
> whatever happens when IC processes the request to add an item to the
> cart.    Also, bear in mind, that the symptoms I'm seeing here can be
> 'fixed' by restoring IE to factory default or startring FireFox in safe
> mode.   So, it's some setting in the browser (or perhaps a plugin?) that
> is interacting with IC when this kind of thing occurs.
> Thanks,

Intermittent problems are only intermittent until you find the cause ;)
Loops can be tough to track down because the pages never get to load -
thus no Apache or IC error log entries. I know I'm not helping much
other than suggesting that a loop likely exists somewhere.


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