[ic] Removing cgi-bin/cat and ?id=<session_id>

Ronald Colcernian rcc at Dresults.Com
Tue Feb 16 12:44:23 UTC 2010

Thanks to Gert and Peter for responding to my question.

I now understand that this was a failure on my part to read the 
documentation, sorry about that.

Thanks for the clues; I have read and tested the robot stuff and my 
issue is resolved.


Peter wrote:
> On 14/02/10 11:06, Ronald Colcernian wrote:
>> So after all of this, when you go to www.domain.com/index.html the index
>> page still renders all of the URL's with the id=<session_id> suffixed.
>> But if you click on any URL the next page render without id=<session_id>
>> suffixed, assuming you have cookies enabled, and thats fantastic and
>> exactly what you want. Well almost!
>> (I have studied the source code and because there is no cookie set when
>> handling the first rendering of index.html, the source code adds the id=
>> string until it knows that cookies are enabled in the users browser, and
>> when enabled id= disappears on the following page turns.)
>> Wouldn't we want the first rendering of the index.html page to render
>> URL's without the id string?  Isn't that one of the more important pages
>> for the search engine?
>> If so, I have started and not yet finished modifying Server.pm, and
>> Session.pm to make the assumption that the end user has cookies enabled,
>> and writing some JavaScript to test if the browser has cookies enable,
>> and if not post this information automatically to tell interchange that
>> oops no cookies for this user/session better append id? and then render
>> index.html with id= suffixed.
>> It just feels like somebody else has solved this and I'm going about
>> this the hard way, and perhaps not in a way that will actually work?
> If the robot is properly identified by IC (and nearly all of them are)
> then IC won't put id= in the URL anyways.  In other words, google won't
> see it that way.
> Peter
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