[ic] Country/State table issue

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Tue Feb 15 20:23:18 UTC 2011

>>> DB wrote:
>>> > Hi guys, just working on the state and country table and noticed that 
>>> > the
>>> > code for Ireland in country is IE, but it's value in state has EI for
>>> > country.
>>> >
>>> > In wondering if I am glossing over something, I went to the Demo and 
>>> > there
>>> > is clearly something wrong with the country selector. Could be
>>> > related, but it looks like an issue with the way the <select> is
>>> >  built.
>>> The whole UK/Great Britain/Scotland/Ireland thing has always baffled
>>> me, but take a look at ftp://ftp.zolotek.net/mv/state.txt from Lyn
>> Nice resource!
>> But my post is really to report a bug I suppose. EI in the state file 
>> does not make sense, and the country selector is clearly not working on 
>> the Demo.
>> Paul 
> It has only been broken for almost 5 years looking at the git log. By
> assigning a geography to each country this apparently had, as noticed now,
> as a side effect that it broke the display of the country selection list
> in the demo.

It should be fixed in the next rebuild of the Demo .. fingers crossed.
At least the country drop down .. I did not look at the state situation.



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