[ic] Problem with [emai] with mail_receipt

Salvador Caballé ea3bkz at amsat.org
Sat Mar 5 00:20:54 UTC 2011

I have a problem with mail_receipt file , I'm interested to set
Reply-To: email address in the email receipt.

the Reply-To: is allways __ORDERS_TO__  value

regardless of the address set as reply in [email] tag

If I use the email tag, from other page the Reply-to setting  works OK

my mail_receip file:

[tmp mail_html]

from ="orders at example.com"
to = "[value email]"
subject = "YourOrder"
reply = "replay at example.com"
html = "[scratchd mail_html]"

text message

Interchange version 5.7.6

Best regards
Salvador Caballé

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