[ic] USPS V2 protocol being discontinued in 3 days, is usps_query.tag OK?

Tom Friedel tom at readyink.com
Wed Mar 28 23:12:31 UTC 2012

THis email from the post office was just forwarded to me.  The
usps_query.tag file is dated 2009.  Will it work with V4 ?  If no one knows
I will probably know on April 1st.
Thanks in advance as always,
Tom Friedel 

Web Tools integrator; 

As communicated first in May 2011, outdated versions of the Web Tools
Domestic Rate Calculator API (Rate and RateV2) will be retired on March 31,
2012. At that time, requests to the Rate and RateV2 APIs will result in
error message responses. If you are no longer sending requests to Rate and
RateV2, please disregard this message. 

Integrators should migrate to the current version of the Domestic Rate
Calculator API (RateV4). Technical documentation is available at

Thank you for your cooperation. Please let us know if you have any questions
or concerns. 

Web Tools Program Office

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