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Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 19:59:02 UTC 2012

> > After use of more debian distro the last IC installation was on ubuntu
> > 8.04 whit not threaded perl and without any problems in the time.
> >
> > Now I must assemble a new virtualbox server and for more reasons
> > (privacy the first) I prefer change distro. Any hints ?
> A linux distro is a bit like religion - we all have our pet preferences
> some distros are flexible and accomodating, while others are rigid and
> dogmatic. My preference is for a source-based distro, Gentoo in
particular, as
> it's built to work as a coherent whole. While I'm sure  binary distros
> Redhat start life that way, I'm doubtful that they are still coherent when
> updated between releases - and my experience is that critical security
> are not sufficiently current to be considered truly secure. It sems that
> have to reinstall a new distro release to get somewhere near current.
> can be kept current all the time - it doesn't have a 'release' version
> the quarterly install version), so security is always kept tight. And it's
> very flexible in how you install and update things, eg to install perl
> that are not in portage (the management system) there is a tool which
> the build, installs what you want (along with all dependencies), and
lists it
> in portage.
> I find it simple to use, secure, and stress-free.
> Doubtless others have other views ...
> Lyn

I second the Gentoo recommendation.

- Grant
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