[ic] Authorize.net questions

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Mon Feb 18 20:05:41 UTC 2013

If you are using a standard store:

My referer and partner is blank in the database

transaction type will depend on the type of business and how you want to 
work your sales
we use AUTH_ONLY

this allows sales dept to adjust the sales order down if we are short 
You can capture, or void/cancel the sale by finishing processing in the 
admin UI

This keeps fewer people from needing to log into the Authorize.net admin 

From: "DB" <db at m-and-d.com>
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Subject: [ic] Authorize.net questions

> I'm looking at switching from Skipjack to Authorize.net. All of the info
> I can find about using Authorize.net with IC seems to be a bit old.
> Setting these variables seems simple enough:
> Variable MV_PAYMENT_ID           [YourAuthorizeNetID]
> Variable MV_PAYMENT_SECRET    [YourAuthorizeNetPassword]
> Variable MV_PAYMENT_MODE       authorizenet
> But it looks like this one is used with an outdated account type/mode
> [http://www.yourstore.com/cgi-bin/yourICbinary.cgi/process.html]
> I suppose I could still set the variable but maybe it is no longer needed?
> for the transaction type I see these choices listed
> Interchange AuthorizeNet
> auth AUTH_ONLY
> return CREDIT
> void VOID
> but I'm not sure what the default is, if any. Does anyone know, or have
> any words of wisdom concerning use of Authorize.net?
> DB
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