[ic] Interchange6 Hackathon 7/14/14 Itinerary

Sam Batschelet sbatschelet at mac.com
Sat Jul 5 13:45:09 UTC 2014

Interchange Community,

Below I have outlined a few TODO items that we would like to address during the hackathon Monday 7/14.  Please review these items and prepare notes on any area that you would like to give comment.  The hackathon will go through the day starting at 5:30am EST.  If you have time you would like to allocated to the event please get in touch with me and I can schedule around you.  Input on these items do not require any knowledge of the Interchange6 project so please don't feel shy chiming in.  Your support is greatly appreciated.


Interchange6::Cart TODO

1.) Handling like SKU in the cart:  Current functionality is to combine these items in cart vs separate line for each.  In certain circumstances such as personalized engraving an item could in theory have the same sky but a different engraving.  How do we manage this in the cart? https://github.com/interchange/Interchange6/issues/13

2.) Additional CartProduct data: https://github.com/interchange/Interchange6/issues/14

Shipping TODO

1.) Shipping based on weight/qty/price

2.) Rate charts dynamic/static

Rules TODO

1.)Agree on and outline framework


Warm Regards,

Sam Batschelet (hexfusion)

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