[ic] filtering binary characters

Frank Reitzenstein frank at aussievitamin.com
Wed Nov 5 22:39:59 UTC 2014

What can we do about those Josh?

I am running LWP::UserAgent in Strawberry Perl in Windows 7 in KVM in
Ubuntu using the Spice viewer.

ie my work machine is a Windows virtual machine in Linux now. The next
step will be to throw windows as I have found that I can write a better
perl application than the commercial software I thought I needed to keep
running Windows. I sat there and watched it running for hours. There is
so much junk out there.

However back to the subject. LWP::UserAgent finds morse code in it's
targets and the beeping can be incessant. It can also crash the Spice VM
viewer. Does anyone have some general pointers for filtering control
characters from a document?

Josh Lavin wrote:
> Quoting Grant (emailgrant at gmail.com):
>> I'm not quite sure why it's happening yet but binary characters (at
>> least I think they're binary characters, they look like question marks
>> with little boxes around them on my system) are sometimes being
>> submitted to one of my forms and causing problems.  Do you guys ever
>> run into that and if so, how do you deal with it?
> Sounds like they might be UTF-8 characters.

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