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Greg Hanson greg at perusion.com
Fri Oct 24 17:29:51 UTC 2014

On 10/23/2014 10:21 PM, Jon Jensen wrote:
> Interchange community,
> For over 12 years now we have hosted the Interchange project site at 
> the domain icdevgroup.org. It was never a pretty name, but it worked.
> However, people have a hard time remembering it, and it is about as 
> bad as can be for search engines / SEO -- not one real word in there, 
> nothing about ecommerce or Perl or Interchange.
> Back in 2013 I talked with a few people in the Interchange community 
> (Jure and/or Stefan, if I recall correctly) about this. We 
> brainstormed and I registered interchangecommerce.org and started 
> setting up a clone of the existing project site rewritten under Dancer.
> I stalled out in my effort to do that, but then this past summer I 
> asked my son Phin to pick it up. He did, and got much of the content 
> migrated, made a few templating simplifications for navigation, and 
> set up Sphinx for searching. The Sphinx search is now broken, and the 
> content has gotten out of date as the old production site has been 
> updated.
> But today I set up nginx and Starman to host the site, so that it's at 
> least functional enough to mention here and gather feedback from 
> everyone:
> http://www.interchangecommerce.org/
> Would you all be in favor of moving to this new domain? It's got two 
> real words, would help SEO, and gives a fresh start to the project HQ 
> as IC6 starts to get more traction.
> I presume nobody objects to moving the project site to Dancer, since 
> Phin and I are the primary maintainers of the content on the old one 
> now anyway. :)
> There will still be work to finish the Dancer site, move the 
> documentation and demos and Mailman, etc. After it's moved over, I 
> would love to see a new design for the site and updated content about 
> Interchange 6, but I decided not to hold up the work over that stuff. 
> One thing at a time.
> I would also like to serve the new site entirely over HTTPS and SPDY, 
> which is the way the world is going and which will serve an ecommerce 
> project like this well. GlobalSign is offering free SSL certificates 
> for open source projects, so that may be worth applying for:
> https://www.globalsign.com/ssl/ssl-open-source/

If you would rather avoid applications etc, Perusion would be happy to 
offer the SSL Cert, along with ongoing renewals.

> Anyway, I wanted to solicit community feedback before putting much 
> more work into this. Please let me know what you think.
> Thanks,
> Jon

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