[ic] Quantity Price print out for retail customers

kerry blalock kerry at basicq.com
Sat Jan 24 14:21:53 UTC 2015

I would like to have the "Quantity Price" page print the quantities and
price from the quantity.html page. It shows up in the shopping cart for
dealers fine. I have located two pages with the quantity information in
them, the quantity.html page, which is where the link in the shopping
cart takes it, and in the shopping_cart page.

Both have the [if scratch dealer][/if] code in them.

I have found much information the quantity pricing in the email and
docs, but nothing so far on having the Quantity link in the shopping
cart display when a retail customer is logged in.

Tried replacing dealer with retail, but this does not seem to work.

It seems like I am missing the file the Quantity is called from.


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