[ic] Interchange really bad for SEO?

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Wed Jun 17 19:56:01 UTC 2015

Hi David,


I don’t know if this is best practice (perhaps there are others that can provide better :)).


In a site I created I used scratch variables … 



<html><head> …. 

[if scratch page_title]

  <title>example.com - [msg]__SHORT_TITLE__[/msg] [msg][scratch page_title][/msg]</title>


  <title>example.com - [msg]__LONG_TITLE__[/msg]</title>




  <meta name="description" content="[msg][scratch page_descr][/msg]">

  <meta name="keywords" content="[msg][scratch page_kwrds][/msg]">


And then in catalog/pages/index.html   it has:

[tmp page_descr]LONGTITLE[/tmp]

[tmp page_kwrds]KEYWORDS[/tmp]


(so no page_title so it would use the ‘else’ above)


And in catalog/pages/flypage.html it has:

  [tmp page_title] ## [item-filter quote_reduce][item-description][/item-filter]  ([item-field mancat]) - [item-field manbrand] [item-field manid] [item-field scale][/tmp]

  [tmp page_descr][item-field category] - [item-filter quote_reduce][item-description][/item-filter] ([item-field mancat]) - [item-field manbrand] [item-field manid] [item-field scale][/tmp]

  [tmp page_kwrds][item-field category] [item-field mancat] [item-field manbrand] [item-field manid] [item-field scale][/tmp]


But as can be seen from the other replies, there are more ways to Rome. :)






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U can change that behaviour using includes .....





On Wednesday, June 17, 2015 3:18 PM, David Etheredge < <mailto:David_e at charter.net> David_e at charter.net> wrote:


While I have not upgraded to the latest version, I have found a serious 
problem with SEO in interchange based websites.

Since the header for each page produced is defined in the templates, all 
pages have the same Title, keywords, and Description. Google, Bing, and 
Yahoo all seriously frown on the duplication of this meta data. Each page 
should have its own Title, keywords, and desctription. It may in some cases, 
need its own robot instructions ( NOFOLLOW, etc. ).




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