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Frank Reitzenstein frank at aussievitamin.com
Thu Oct 8 15:39:58 UTC 2015

Hello Josh,

Customers can now check out. I don't need automated processing at this time.


I had to hack some things including this in lib/Vend/Order.pm:

    foreach my $thiskey (@keys) {
        $thiskey =~ s/'/\\'/g;
        $cmd .= "$keyparam '$thiskey' ";

$cmd = "/usr/bin/gpg --batch --always-trust -e -a -r
sales\@aussievitamin.com ";

    $cmd =~ s/:~PERCENT~:/%/g; SkXw8WJI: - [08/October/2015:22:22:18 +0800]
aussievitamin /cgi-bin/aussievitamin/ord/finalize.html PGP hard failure,
command that failed:  '894A56BA' 
2>/var/lib/interchange/aussievitamin/tmp/pgp.SkXw8WJI.14530.err pIfxyXzK: - [08/October/2015:22:23:08 +0800]
aussievitamin /cgi-bin/aussievitamin/ord/finalize.html PGP failed with
error level 32512, status 127: Key has expired pIfxyXzK: - [08/October/2015:22:23:08 +0800]
aussievitamin /cgi-bin/aussievitamin/ord/finalize.html PGP hard failure,
command that failed:  '894A56BA' 

PGP hard failure, command that failed:  '894A56BA'

Eventually I worked out that that was the linux command itself, so I
then altered $cmd

That should do us for a while. I guess I could even fix the problem
properly if I had more time.

I spent hours trying to fix it

Just to make sure I uncommented the added hack in Order.pm, added this
line to variable.txt:

ENCRYPTOR    /usr/bin/gpg --batch --always-trust -e -a -r
sales\@aussievitamin.com     Encryption

..but I still got the same meaningless error messages and no checkout.


Frank Reitzenstein

Josh Lavin wrote:
> Quoting Josh Lavin (jlavin at endpoint.com):
>> Quoting Frank Reitzenstein (frank at aussievitamin.com):
>>> Also as you can see from the link above there is an error when you
>>> visit that, which does not log.
>> Yes, this is a known bug with some installs of both the Strap and
>> Standard templates.
>> It affects the use of $Tag in catalog.cfg, which is used by the
>> 'ncheck' subroutine on the category pages.
>> I have seen it affect Perl 5.14.1 and 5.22.0 -- but I have also seen a
>> working 5.14.1.
> I've made some changes to resolve this problem all the time. You can
> find them here:
> https://github.com/jdigory/strap/commit/76fc3ffa280922606034c280d83d7f837790fa8f
> Just alter catalog.cfg to remove that Sub part, and download the
> ncheck_catagory.tag file and place in your Interchange server directory,
> under: code/template_tag/strap/
> Restart, and it should be fixed.

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