[ic] Data appearing from different catalog

Klaatu IC Hack icgort33 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 03:34:20 UTC 2016

On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 5:08 PM, Frank Reitzenstein
<frank at aussievitamin.com> wrote:
> Hello Klaatu,
> If you can't find all these in products/variable.txt find them in the
> user admin interface tables -> variable
> SQLPASS    password    Database
> SQLUSER   mysqluserforthecorrect site    Database
> SQLDSN    dbi:mysql:thecorrectdatabasenameforthecorrectsite
> It looks like you are using the wrong database on the wrong site.
> I remember I made an appointment with my second retail customer 10 years
> ago. He lives just down the road. I was rather red faced when the first
> customer's (yes you guessed it 20,000 hardware) products appeared on his
> photography site.
> Reitzenstein Interchange Consulting
> Klaatu IC Hack wrote:
>> Had an incident where a relatively new version of the strap catalog
>> slurped in some data from a seperate older circa 2002 foundation
>> catalog. Both running on the same IC 5.8.2 install.
>> One of the strap components pulled in the 'banner' value from the
>> component of the older catalog that looks like this:
>> [control-set]
>>         [component]promo[/component]
>>         [banner]This value was slurped into a non related catalog[/banner]
>>         [cols]1[/cols]
>>         [matches]3[/matches]
>>         [promo_type]new[/promo_type]
>> [/control-set]
>> The strap component pulled it in with:
>> [control name=banner default="[L]Specials[/L]"]
>> Is there a rational explanation on how this could have happened?
>> Totally unsure if related but the strap catalog has this variable
>> which I haven't seen used before:
>> LINKHOST       Admin Control
>> Or perhaps I have a permissions issue where catalogs can exchange session data?

Hi Frank

Negative on that. Definitely not connecting to the wrong database.
Both catalogs have been in production for a long time and are
otherwise working very well and are regularly updated busy commerce

Also the value is not in the database it is set in a page and sent to
the component.

So I am still stumped how session data from one catalog migrated
momentarily to another catalog.


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