[ic] hosting companies for Interchange

Fred's mail fred at 21st.biz
Tue Aug 16 19:24:26 UTC 2016

We were running Interchange 4.8 years ago w/ Korksoft.  We are currently
considering the 5.1 or later version to run our ecommerce shop cart.  Can
you give me list of hosting companies and  their cost?



Fred Chambers | Dir. Sales  & Marketing

21st Century Computing, Inc.|  <http://www.21stcenturycomputing.com/>

P.O. Box 6174 | New Orleans, LA 70174
O:  <tel:%28504%29-398-0321> (504)-398-0321 |F:   <tel:%28504%29613-4568>
(504)613-4568|E:   <mailto:fred at 21st.biz> fred at 21st.biz




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