[ic] IC 5.10 blank store setup

dev2 at adeux.net dev2 at adeux.net
Sun Mar 6 13:38:05 UTC 2016

Hi Kerry,

>I am not sure that it can be done, but it is not hard to delete the
>products that are in the demo after setting it up.

It is not just the products it it all the store pages.  I think the solution lies in the makecat command when it asks for DemoType?.

The comments allude to other possibilities:
# The type of demo catalog to use. The standard one distributed is:
#    strap
# If you have defined your own custom template catalog,
# you can enter its name.
# If you are new to Interchange, use "strap" to start with.

So really my question is, I think, how do you go about defining your own custom template catalog?

In my case based on strap but cutting out everything except the admin interface and a blank index page to start from?

As an aside I think this feature to use custom templates is a real strength of IC that has not been fully exploited.

All the best


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