[ic] [interchange] Fix potential "use of uninitialized value" if called during startup

David Christensen david at endpoint.com
Fri Jun 23 12:57:59 UTC 2017

> On Jun 23, 2017, at 2:20 AM, Stefan Hornburg (Racke) <racke at linuxia.de> wrote:
> Hallo David,
> thanks very much on your effort to clean up Interchange!
> I think the // operator isn't present in older Perls.

I think 5.10 introduced this; I will change it to ‘’ as Peter suggested, however practically speaking I’d expect anyone using IC at this point to be on CentOS 7+ due to TLS issues, so we could probably safely increase the minimum perl version in practice to the min(distributed version of perl in CentOS 7, equivalent Debian TLS-supporting release).


David Christensen
End Point Corporation
david at endpoint.com

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